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Story Submission Guidelines


The stories that we'd like to receive are those that depict how you were able to comply with and live within the system of the armed services, which is so disciplined and structured.

Let those stories be the ones that stick in your mind.  They may be sad, amazing, funny, or religious in content.  Or better, those stories that you want your progeny to read and remember.

There had to be some where through your use of your wits, you beat the system or at least bent it a little.

Your new found colleagues with which you were so connected must have provided you with new insights and experiences. Some may have been brilliant, some stupid, some clever, some weird. Yet at times these people were the ones that you depended on to protect you from harms way…and vice versa. They became your family.

One of our contributors summed it up perfectly, “Piff, my stories are the ones that I told my wife, my brothers my father. They were about what it was to be a soldier, living with a bunch of guys, trudging down lonely roads, digging fox holes, going on patrol, flirting with pretty girls, riding in trains, trucks, In other words , Piff, what it was to be a soldier.”

We want those anecdotes that were experienced by people that did not see combat, those working in the myriad jobs required to sustain a fighting unit. You were in cities all over the world. You met and worked closely with men and women with different mores, languages, and customs. Yet you were all bound together for one purpose, to defeat the enemy and bring peace again to the world. These are the stories you lived day by day that we wish you would submit for our book, and for your progeny and historians to appreciate and ponder. 

This volume and any subsequent ones will be provided to the Library of Congress and to the major WWII museums and depositories of the history records of all our conflicts such as Korea, Viet Nam, etc. allowing all future historians to read your actual histories/ submissions.