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A Message From The Editor


Good question!  The first thing is that your family and progeny can flip it open and see your name and your story. The same will apply to your extended family and friends. Let me ask you this?

Lets us say you and I are interviewed today by our local TV station on some matter of note. It will be shown at the 11:00 o’clock news. I guarantee you and I and all of us will right away call our family and friends to tell them about it. We will all be glued to the TV at 11:00.

Or you write a Letter to Time or Newsweek. They publish it. All of us will look with excitement at it, again with normal pride.

This is no different. I’m wrong. This is very different! You are recording for posterity actual historical information about some of the most important events that our Nation experienced. You contributed to those events. You played a part in them. That is why. Our future generations need to know these details about what it was and what it took to serve.

All the “Samples” you read at the site are in it plus many more. All were donated for their historical significance. (Many are from WWII Vets. We are dying at 1000 plus per week.)

If it does make a profit, a portion of it will be donated to “Entertainment Fund” at the VA Hospital on Loch Raven Blvd. in Baltimore. I visit/volunteer there to talk to, to engage, tell such stories, to those sick vets that need someone to talk to them at times.

As an incentive to submit stories for a subsequent volume, (PMTB) Pefenis-Matheson Theme Books, a division of Pefinis Assoc., LLC will pay you a fee of $10.00.  This will qualify you to participate in the net profits generated by the sale of the book in which your stories appear as a portion of the contents.  It is paid as an incentive for you to engage in the selling of as many books as you can to family and friends.


“Piff”...3rd Army; 87th Division; 345th Regiment; Company G
Charles G. Pefinis, Publisher

P.S. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your history/story resides in a book at the Library of Congress?

Frequently Asked Questions

May anyone submit a submission?
Yes, and of course the story must be about serving in the armed services.

I did not serve but I have a relative that did.
We welcome all from any legitimate source.

How many may I offer?
There is no set limit.

May I include actual documents e.g. letters, pictures?
Yes, we very much welcome such items, and particularly pictures
of you , your colleagues, scenes of where you were stationed
i.e. those pictures and items that you saved because of their

What about a conflict other than WWII and Korea?
Yes, any conflict; Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada, Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

What about those who served in Nations other than the U.S?
Yes, we welcome those from any person that served in any conflict from any Nation.

Will you edit what I submit?
Most likely not, unless it is to make the comments more succinct to fit the space allotted. We will edit out any words or comments we feel are inappropriate i.e. obscene or hurtful.

What rights do I have as the author of my submissions?
This is detailed in the “Participant’s Release Form”.

I do not type or use a computer. May I call you?
Yes. Call 410 665-0001. We will coordinate a convenient time. We will call you back using our phone.

What medium do you prefer, i.e. written, typed, or mailed?
We prefer digital via email or typewritten, error proofed.

When will the book be published so that I can buy one?
The book is expected to be released in 2012.

Will the book(s) be provided to the Library of Congress?
Yes. An ISBN number will be assigned when published.

If I have a question, may I contact someone?
Yes, of course: pefinis@comcast.net 
or by USPS: 8810 Walther Boulevard, Calvert Court Bldg. Suite  2422,
Baltimore, MD 21234

Charles G. Pefinis
Pefinis-Matheson Theme Books

Do you have a story you would like to share?  Please submit it to our editors who will evaluate it for publication.  All military related stories will be considered.

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