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How We Won the War....or Ya Gotta be Kiddin'! 
Ya Got Away with That?!

That is a strange title. However, there have been many books written about war particularly about World War II. The movie, "Saving Private Ryan" was the catalyst for this book.

I saw that movie. It was a unique experience for me because attending with me were only my two sons-in-law rather than my wife, before this, always my companion. They knew I had served in combat. That was the extent of their knowledge. They learned more.

As we drove home, the silence that prevailed gave testament to its effect upon them. They had really never given much thought to what it might have been to have served constrained by the system, where one has no free freedom. You must conform. You do what some…at times…. a real jerk …tells you to do.

What this website and book hopes to describe in detail is the way these people lived and functioned as warriors. This in reality identifies and defines the American character and spirit. These attributes are what make our Nation the greatest in the world.

There are some sad references to actions or events included. As a cover page states, what we recorded are those stories that were amazing, inexplicable, humorous, informative or religious in content.

Upon your becoming a service person, you take on a different persona. You become one with your colleagues particularly those with whom you are in combat. What is astounding is the mix of people, who become your “family”, your buddies. Mine included a watch repairer, a construction company vice president, a truck driver, a hair dresser and a pimp.


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